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I think I've mentioned how hard it is to keep posting to my blog once I leave off even for a short while. That is the reason why I haven't posted my summary the Portland WikiWednesday last week.

It should have been simple to write. Brandon Sanders had a clear agenda, and this time it wasn't a free-form socializing session. There were two items he wanted all of us to discuss. First was his plan to set up a "Wiki-bus" to take the Portland contingent to next year's Recent Changes Camp. (Eugene Eric Kim wanted to hold it in the Bay area next year, and since he was willing to do the work... ) The other item was to plan the topic for the next Portland WikiWednesday in December: we will invite members of the local politically progressive groups in and show them the power of Wikis for building communities and organizing.

Tak also had the useful idea that we ought to devote some time in every meeting to teaching ourselves about the different types of Wikis. After all, due to the success of Wikipedia many people have the mistaken impression that all Wiki websites run on MediaWiki; they believe that no other maintained Wiki software packages exist. Needless to say, there are many other Wiki software packages out there.

However, I ran into a series of delays. When I got home Wednesday, I didn't have time to do much more than to feed the cat and get ready for bed; I can't function on little sleep anymore, unlike I did many years ago. Thursday and Friday during the day, too many other things kept me from reviewing my notes. Thursday evening, Yvette and I wasted time in front of the boob-tube and Friday night we had to catch a class of at Emanuel Hospital. Then Saturday, Yvette and I spent the afternoon at a friend's house playing Settlers of Catan, and the evening together. Sunday I spent my time on working my way through The Royal Chronicles of Abyssinia for Wikipedia. It's a tediously written book in a mediocre translation; unfortunately, since it's the sole historical source for Ethiopian history between 1770 and 1805 (primary or otherwise, as far as I know), I had to work my way through it.

At any moment during those four days, I could have stopped and wrote a post, but every time I thought about what I should say I just couldn't get the words out. As easy as writing looks, it can actually be quite hard.

And I didn't think this is what I'd be writing about in my 200th post.


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Learning about other wiki engines sounds like an extremely cool idea.

congratulations on reaching 200. :)
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