Monday, October 08, 2007


Another interesting Wikipedia study

Reid Priedhorsky, Jilin Chen, Shyong (Tony) K. Lam, Kathering Panciera, Loren Terveen, John Riedl. "Creating, Destroying, and Restoring Value in Wikipedia" They attempt to figure out who makes the most useful edits ("useful" defined as a function of persistence -- people are less likely to revert correct or useful information) and the effects, and who makes damaging edits and the effects.

(Thanks to Gregory Maxwell for the link.)

Maybe a little more technical than the curious would like, but I expect this will become another of those widely-quoted or cited studies.

Update: For those of you unable to view PDF files (or even if you can), Ben Yates at Wikipedia Blog has one of the more informative graphs touched up with color.


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Heh. Interesting metric. Some kind of Wikipitalism: those who typed in popular articles receive their interest virtually forever.
As far as I see, #1 is Maveric149 who has edited pages for chemical elements. Quite logical.
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