Friday, August 03, 2007


Evening thoughts

I went to the PLUG meeting tonight (a good presentation by Steve Morris of the Oregon Technology Business Center) and had a few beers with the gang afterwards, so I drove home in the dark of night.

It was a warm night, the kind of darkness that lures people to malinger outdoors, not chase them inside. Time has been flying by so fast this year that I have a hard time accepting that it is August already, and that the kids will be returning to school in only a few weeks. As I count the days of summer, it is more than half over and I haven't had a chance to really enjoy it.

One of the streets I drove on to my home, Ainsworth, has a strip of grass and trees dividing the street into two. This strip is not very wide, and in daylight everything on it is visible to anyone. As I drove down Ainsworth, I passed a pair of people sitting on the grass, talking. For them, the darkness made this piece of the grass dividing Ainsworth into a private place that they obviously felt gave them sanctuary. Well, that's what I might think when I was their age.

When I thought this, I remembered in a few months I would turn fifty. I felt old. When I don't remember my age when I do things, do I behave foolishly?


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That would very much depend on what "foolishly" means and who is deciding that meaning.
"...had a few beers with the gang afterwards, so I drove home in the dark of night." - That's one foolish thing for starters...
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