Sunday, July 29, 2007


A stale Slashdot exchange

Once upon a time I was a Slashdot regular. (FWIW, my ID is 9023 -- some people think 4-digit IDs are kewl for some reason.) Then for many reasons -- the fanboys, the growing contempt the owners of the site had for their members, a period when I was disillused with the technology industry, Wikipedia proved to be more interesting -- I drifted away. I have since occasionally posted there, maybe half a dozen times, but it's been at least a year since I poked my nose into that forum.

I did so today, because I read halfway through Milos article, "Re: Sounds like Wikipedia needs to study a few ideas" when my curiousity was incited to look once again at Slashdot. Where I found Georgewilliamherbert had an account, which led me to look at my own account. And found this thread concerning Wikipedia. I started out explaining the concept "notability", to which someone named "Anonymous Coward" (he sure makes a lot of posts to Wikipedia) wrote:
'Fess up. You LIKE being a pompous ass.

For a moment, I wished I had seen this much earlier so I could have responded -- even though sometimes I do like being pompous. Then I saw what someone else with the exact same name wrote:
That's what your mom said last night.

If Sean Connery continues to defend me on Slashdot, I might return.


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