Thursday, June 28, 2007


Tonight's BarCamp Get-Together

I fought the traffic on Sunset Highway for an hour to get to the June BarCamp get-together about a half-hour late. I've been later.

Not much to retell, except John Seechrest's probing questions about how to attract enough computer programmers and other technology workers to meet the demands of the companies in Corvallis. According to John, he met with the management of over 10 growing high-tech businesses located there earlier today, who expect they need to fill in total about 100 openings for programmers with Java, .NET and C++ skills -- but don't know how to attract them to Corvallis to live. A few of us discussed brain-stormed for ideas to meet the need, of what it would take to make Corvallis an attractive place -- like Portland has become, much to my surprise.

One way I can help John in this quest is to mention that there are some cool events happening there. One is da Vinci's Days, which will convene on 20-22 July for the 19th year. OSCON begins the following week in Portland, so one could attend both with not much trouble.


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