Monday, May 14, 2007


BarCamp sessions notes, part I

Sorry about not posting this yesterday, like I promised, but I've forgotten just how much time and energy a fulltime job takes. I needed to take Sunday off and be unproductive for a while -- even though I made a lot of changes to Wikipedia. So here's the first part of my notes of the Portland BarCamp sessions I attended.

1. User Experience -- facilitated by Kara

One of the larger meeting rooms, packed & people continued to enter.

Session started by asking everyone for name & one word per person associated with "user experience". People began by throwing out a word, then adding their names -- eventually came to embrace the structure Kara asked people to follow.

Example of pyramid form Web Visions conference. Base represented the simple functionality of the application, middle level was the addition of widgets & other improvements, top was the user experience.

2. Building online communities -- Dawn Foster

3. Decline and Fall of Gentoo (not the real title, but I think Donnie liked my wit)

Donnie started by sketching the current situation with Gentoo: a laisse-faire "benevolent dictator", & a community that has mushroomed. (Before the session he talked about problem users on the Gentoo Dev list; one of these has been repeatedly banned, but keeps returning to block any & every change.)

How do online communities arrive at a decision?

That's what I've typed up so far. But if you look carefully above, you'll see why there were so many knitters at this BarCamp.


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