Friday, May 11, 2007


BarCamp Portland -- The evening before

Just got home from the reception and organization meeting for tomorrow's gathering. I had intended to get into the planning, but Ward Cunningham pulled me aside as I was getting another beer, and instead I listened to him and Rich (didn't get his last name -- and is unresponsive at the moment) talk about the days when Tektronix was the major high tech company in Oregon. Well, I found it fascinating.

There was a point early on this evening when all of the sponsors had a chance to introduce themselves and give a short spiel, an elevator pitch, about themselves. Many added to the end of their spiel "and we're hiring" -- so it got to be a bit of a joke. But it's a good thing, because it's a sign that the industry is definitely making a comeback.

Some interesting notes on the schedule for tomorrow: Bart Massey will be convening a section called "Songwriting for Geeks". I hope someone attends and publishes a transcript. Also, organizer Dawn Foster asked everyone who is convening a section to add their cell phone so to facilitate contact. This led one wag to add to his announcement: "It's been a long time since I wrote my number on a wall ..."

Fun and humor obviously will be the rule tomorrow.


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