Friday, May 18, 2007


An Annoyance

Someone changed something this week in the Wikipedia configuration, that breaks viewing changes in my browser. Whenever I compare two different versions of an article, all I see is the first line of the change. Happy happy joy joy.

Will I report it? No, because I doubt anyone will fix it. When someone rewrote the code to the lefthand navigational frame, and after I found my way to the place this change was being discussed, and pointed out that this change broke in the Classic skin, no one bothered to say more than, "Oh, it does break in the Classic skin. Who cares?" And I suspect that the only answer I'll see to this complaint is a taunting {{sofixit}}.

Sometimes I have good reasons to believe that the interests of Wikipedians "not in the loop" are ignored.


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This is an admin here. What browser are you using? I cannot reproduce in Firefox.

Recent changes to Common.css. I don't see anything that would suggest a problem?
Hello Ambush Commander, I'm an Admin also -- since 2004, if I remember correctly. I'm using Mozilla 1.0, Build ID 2002101615.

Are you asking about my gripe about diff different article versions, or my loss of options on the nav bar?

I'm asking about the diff for different article versions. It would seem, to me at least, to be more than an annoyance: it would make editing from the classic theme impossible.

The other trouble you're referring to is probably caused by a bug in the Standard skin, because the HTML for the second segment isn't showing up at all. You'll have to get a developer to fix that.
Hi Geoff,

If you're comparing different versions of an article and the behaviour started around a week ago, then it is most probably something in one of these revisions: r22229, r22228, r22227, r22215, r22205, r22204, r22202, r22192. The guy working on that stuff may be quite busy, but he's pretty reasonable and most probably is not aware of the problem you're describing. In short, you should log a bug, describing the skin you're using, and giving an example URL, and describing what you see, and what you would expect to see, and roughly when you first noticed the problem.

-- All the best,
This is bug 9948. The problem is a bug in very old versions of Mozilla, and is fixed in Mozilla 1.2 or later.

Until/unless a workaround is found, upgrading to a more recent Mozilla release will fix your problem; alternatively you can fiddle with your user css like so to disable the rule that breaks it:

table.diff td div {
overflow: visible;

This will make very long lines in the diff ugly, but the rest should display ok.
Wow. Had I known that developers like Nickj & Brion follow my blog -- or even look at it once in a great while -- I wouldn't have ranted so bitterly in the beginning.

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