Monday, April 16, 2007


Towns in Ethiopia - ugh

I'm doing some prep work in preparation of adding this next round of articles. Okay, more precisely, I'm working on this when my cats don't come upstairs and whine at me for attention. Already I've encountered enough problems to escalate my edit count numbers:

And a note to those who can trace their heritage to Somalia: I do not have a conscious pro-Ethiopia bias here. I'm just writing articles, and trying to find verifiable information for them. If I haven't written an article that reveals wrongs in the Horn of Africa (and I have no specific group in mind here), it may be because I just haven't figured out how to get my head around the topic. Sometimes a subject leaves me depressed at the behavior of my fellow men.


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For Ethiopian related news and information, the best site I find is the Ethiopian Portal,

This website allows any registered user to add links in their directory, features pen pal, invitation & RSVP's, place-marked Addis Ababa map, converters and more.

Hope you like this site as much as I do.
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