Monday, April 30, 2007


My technology update

Friday night, Yvette and I decided that we had enough of our (well, okay, my) 20-year-old television. When certain noises were transmitted, the sound would drop for a second and the screen would flash. It was getting annoying. So we bought one of those new flat-screen televisions.

32 inches wide, lighter than the old television. The manual was on a CD in PDF format. It took us an hour or so to set it up, mostly because the cable feed attached to one set of connectors, and the DVD player to another; I wasn't sure whether the unit would see input from more than one source. But once that was sorted out, I was impressed with the picture quality.

So now I'm presented with a quandry: I want to play with my new electronic toy -- but all I can with it is watch television!

And now what do I do with the old television? I grew up in a time when a television was an expensive piece of electronics, so I can't just throw it out in the trash.


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I know what you mean. But large CRTs are literally worthless now.

I had a 21" Sun monitor a couple of years ago to get rid of. These were highly desired items up until quite recently. Now? I almost couldn't give it away. Literally. Even with the VGA-to-13W3 connector included.

I have a large CRT television I'll be getting the hell rid of soon as I finally assemble a media box. The screen will be an LCD. It certainly won't be that oversized space heater.
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Sic semper technologis.

Wow. I was about to apologize that few -- either inside the US or out -- would understand that allusion, but there is an article on Wikipedia that can, quite well.

"So out, damned ignorance!"

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