Thursday, April 05, 2007


The Ethiopian woredas: almost done

I've felt guilty about this project -- unfinished, yet almost complete. So yesterday I wrote and added articles for all of the woredas (or districts) in the Bale Zone of Ethiopia, and started looking at what needed to be done for the last Zone in the Oromia Region, Borena. I've been procrastinating over tackling this last group because they entail some complexity (some appear to have been split off into their own new Zone -- for which I have found no official documentation -- and two more divided, so their territories added to the Somali Region), but when I realized that this last group consists of twelve articles, I concluded that the bigger barrier was my reluctance, not the complexity.

Despite my conclusion, it'll be a few more days before I can finish this list because I have to go out of town for my aunt's 90th birthday. (My father's family are very long-lived; I hope I inherited those genes.) I won't be able to work on these last handful until Monday at the earliest.

Then comes the sad fact that much of my information on these local administrative units is already out of date. Oh well. My strategy with these articles has been all along to do the best job I can on them, and hope that my work attracts the people who can do a better one -- as well as motivates them to do just that.


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