Sunday, April 22, 2007


And now he's blocked

Discovering that Jimbo Wales unblocked Daniel Brandt was worse for me than having someone spike my morning latte with LSD. (I know what to do in that last instance: sit down, enjoy the trip, and when the effects of the drug have worn off hunt the perpetrator down and teach the perpetrator never to do that again with as much physical pain as I can inflict.) I wasn't sure that I really wanted to know -- although Eric Moeller offered a link to this MeatBall Wiki article that's worth considering.

And then there is the challenge of explaining just why Brandt dislikes Wikipedia. In brief, he doesn't want Wikipedia to contain an article about him. Why that article is so offensive to him, why he created at least one website critical of Wikipedia, and why he had a hand in driving at least one Wikipedia Admin off of the project -- well, you'll have to ask him.

So, busy with trying to figure out how to write about all of this (well, actually I spent that time editting Wikiepdia or doing chores around the house) I was a little late to discover that Jimbo Wales rebanned Brandt, apparently at Brandt's own request. I don't understand it. Nor does Jimbo. As one person posted on the Wikipedia: Adminstrator's Noticeboard/Incidents wrote, "This is getting sillier."

At least this important announcement (update: I meant this one) came out of this incident.


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Which "important announcement"?

I followed that link, and while Cimon/Jusse-Ville makes some good points, i couldn't find any actual announcement.

Right thread, wrong post?
That's definitely not the one I intended. Teaches me to edit in a hurry without double-checking all of my links. Try the updated one. (Wrong link left in place to show Phil was not imagining things.)

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