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Another Wikipedia statistical analysis

(Courtesy of the Value Wiki Blog)

An interesting, although preliminary, analysis on the relationship between anonymous editors and vandalism can be found at Wikipedia:WikiProject Vandalism studies/Study1. According to the three Wikipedians who spent the better part of two months uncovering the details and putting their results to a statistical analysis, in a given month approximately 5% of edits are vandalism and 97% of that vandalism is done by anonymous editors.

An interesting counterpoint to Aaron Swartz's often referenced essay, which argues that the majority of all content comes from editors who contribute a total of less than 25 edits: if my impression is correct, these two groups -- anonymous editors and these low-total editors -- largely overlap.

A voice worth adding to this conversation is Betsy Devine's paper from last summer's Wikimania, Schrödinger's Wiki: The Quantum Challenge of Media Attention. Her title is a bit misleading: an important point she made in her presentation was how media attention to a given Wikipedia article will lead to a flurry of anonymous edits, many of which she characterized as "vandalism" using a definition similar to the one used by the team behind the WikiProject Vandalism study above.


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i think if anything is shouldn't encourage us to limit anonymous user's editing but to focus more on getting them to register. the numbers plainly show: the more users we can get to register, the less likely the aforementioned editor will vandalize, the less wikipedia will be vandalized. it looks like [[Wikipedia_talk:Welcoming_committee]] is actually doing anti-vandal work! ;)
ps, if this were wikipedia, i could go back and make that 'is' into an 'it'. oh if only all the internet were a wiki, heh.
I won't argue that using a carrot is always better than a stick. Unfortunately, both are often needed to guarrantee the expected results.

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