Tuesday, March 20, 2007


About my silence

I've been wrapped up in a very emotional debate over blocking links to a certain website. I won't say more than that, because I'm not interested in rousing my readers (well, rousing that one person who has a Wikipedia account and is still reading) to charge into the debate. Which is why I try to stay out of all controversies: I just don't have the energy to both improve articles and debate policy at the same time.

That lack of energy is the likely reason I'll never be considered as one of the dominant voices of Wikipedia. I accepted that many months ago, despite my envy when I see other editors profiled as "typical Wikipedians". I want to be profiled too!

I just hope that all of you who have been checking my blog and wondering why I suddenly stopped posting will continue to check in. I still have some thoughts I'd like to share with everyone.


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Watch it or I'll put you on the press contact list!
Hey, I read your blog from time to time too!

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