Friday, February 16, 2007



Although I initially felt good after the operation, over the last few days I've lacked the necessary drive to complete any of my projects. I speculated why this was -- aftereffects of the medication, possibly another cold (I had a bad one two days before I went into surgery) -- until I realized that the staples holding my incision closed have been keeping me from sleeping comfortably. I lack that 100% feeling simply because I'm tired.

Who would have ever thought 18 pieces of stainless steel in my shoulder might keep me from resting in perfect comfort?

As an exercise in turning a liability into an asset, I asked Yvette to take some pictures of the staples, then uploaded them to Commons. (Warning: those links take you directly to the pictures.) I hope to take some pictures of a few after they're removed for further reference. I'm not doing this in pursuit of the morbid; it was a challenge for to find a picture of this exact thing, so I want to make it easier for the next person who needs to find pictures of what these things look like. Finding images of banal or everyday things like this can sometimes pose a big challenge. In this case, though, someone else beat me to this accomplishment: Booyabazooka posted his own picture of the staples that were used to close an incision in his thigh a year ago.

We humans sometimes compete for some very odd achievements.


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