Saturday, February 17, 2007


Television news, rant the second

A follow-up to my earlier post about the incompetence of the news media.

Looking thru the blogs ove at OrBlogs, I stumbled across this rant over the lousy quality of local news programs. As Jenni concludes, "No wonder there's a fight underway to revoke the broadcast licenses of our local news stations. When there's tons of important news they could be covering, all they can do is point to Britney." I would have added a comment to her post, but I can't think of anything to add that wouldn't sound repetative.

Then a few minutes later, I found another attack on the misallocated priorities of the news media, and with another biting closing sentence: "And the mainstream news wonders why they're losing market share."

Then again, there are dissenting views. For example, this one, where this blogger worries about whether Britney Spears deciding to copy Sinead O'Connor's hair style might impair her ability to produce another hit record. (I'll admit that I may be missing the irony in this post -- but the last few years has only encouraged the cynical opinion that given enough people with access to the Internet, you can find someone who embraces a view point that you can't take seriously -- yet surprisingly is able to hold down a job.) I mention this post only because it proves that sometimes you just can't parody the truth.

I hear that down in Salem there are a bunch of people who are passing laws that will affect our lives. Why can't we hear more about what they're doing than about skanky blondes who are famous for being well-known?


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