Sunday, February 04, 2007


Seen on the Wiki-EN mailing list

More proof that I learn about many things far, far too late.

I had some free time when I didn't have the interest to do anything productive, so I started reading emails from the Wiki-EN list. In the middle of a thread over the perennial problem of "experts" on Wikipedia, I found this gem in an email from fellow veteran Stan Shebs:
WP is an unusual challenge for experts, because you can't just say "X is true" and have a crowd of adoring students copy it down uncritically. It's much more like being the ringer at the pool hall, where you go in unknown and have to impress people with your present skill rather than your past reputation. I think it's a good challenge for experts actually - can you command respect for your knowledge using your words alone, without falling back on the CV? We have some pseudonymous experts in WP who are really world-class and receive considerable deference, so it can work that way.




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