Saturday, February 03, 2007


Recent Changes Camp: day two

Some thoughts from today's sessions:
  1. At "Using Wiki in Education", John Sechrest talked about using a wiki as a tool in teaching one of his classes. This allowed him to track student activity, and reach out to students that he felt neede help. When Tak mentioned teaching "how to write for a Wiki", this led John to the observation that Wiki writers need to be aware of the context of their articles, which is a function of linking.
  2. That context and Wikis are related was implied in something Evan Prodomou said in the session Wiki Ohana. He brought up the book Wikinomics, which defined a Wiki culture as any website which is predominately made up of user-generated material, like Youtube. Are the clips that people contribute to Youtube in the least aware of any other clip on that website? Do they interact?
  3. I was able to see a demonstration of WagN today by Ted Ernst (and his associate, whose name I forgot). Ted described it "Wiki is to word processing as WagN is to databases."

About that point all of the information from the conference caught up with me, and I began feeling more than a little punchy. That means tomorrow I'll probably post another collection of things I forgot to add to this post.


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Actually, Lewis Hoffman and Ethan McCutchen are writing Wagn. Lewis and John Abbe gave the demo.
Thanks for the clarification.

And it's "Wiki is to word processing as Wagn is to database." :-) --John Abbe
Fixed that one, Ted.

One of the drawbacks of the 2-minute lightning presentations is that there's not enough time to listen and take notes. :-/

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