Wednesday, February 14, 2007


Putting my money where my mouth is

I began implementing the plan I described a couple of days ago late yesterday, and have already received some interesting answers. Only a couple of people haven't responded, which in a way I also find interesting: they might think my question is silly, and have decided that as badly as they want the Admin bit, these folks draw the line at which questions they'll answer.

I plan on continuing this for a period of time -- a week to a month -- but I'll stop sooner if it's clear that the candidates either get my point or have stopped answering my question.

My sense is that the mix of current Admin candidates is not that much different from the mix when I was last involved: clearly more people who specialize in vandal-fighting (which wasn't a topic way back when), but the majority are interested more in sharing the burden than answering a call. I'll have to study the discussions more to see whether there is evidence that having the Admin rights is a necessary step in becoming a "real Wikipedian."

One last note: SwatJester left a response that I didn't expect. It wasn't a bad answer, and clearly far better than one written after studying my blog and saying what I might want to hear; anyone who tries that will provoke me into casting an "oppose" vote. I value authenticity over ideological correctness any day.


PS -- I'm working on another Wikipedia essay. It will be slower to arrive than usual, but I hope that means it will be better written.



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