Saturday, December 02, 2006


Wikipedia Commons passes milestone

Just saw this over on Fuzheado's blog: Wikimedia commons now has one million media files. He links to Daveydweeb's own post announcing this milestone, something I should have caught at the time. However, I didn't even know his blog existed -- my loss, when you consider his insightfulness in discussing a subject like Sam Vaknin's disingenuous attack on Wikipedia. So, with an apology for having overlooked this blog, I'm adding a link to him in the left column.

As you might suspect, not too many people blog about Wikipedia -- or maybe I'm not working hard enough to find them. Perhaps it's the latter, and I defend my lack of drive to the fact many people who express an opinion about Wikipedia loudly are disgruntled ex-editors with an axe to grind. My first exhibit are two websites with "Wikipedia" in their domain names, who rant about Wikipedia like two unhappy but uninformed computer users ranting about Microsoft: yes, both Wikipedia and Microsoft have their flaws (I like to think Microsoft has more than Wikipedia), but anything they say only serves to show their dissatisfaction and their ignorance. Their rants grow predictable, repetative, and eventually boring. (I don't link to them here because they don't have anything to say; a Google search will be enough to lead the curious to them.)

I guess I need to remember that sometimes one simply has to persevere through the storm of criticism, no matter how distasteful or unpleasant it is. Otherwise one misses out on the rewards that often await on the other side.


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