Wednesday, December 20, 2006


Different kinds of feedback

I saw the articles in the latest Time magazine, about how users create content on the Internet. Despite all of the praise for volunteers like yours truly, the features didn't reach me. I felt my contributions were overlooked -- but then so did probably several million other people, who have been busy creating new things on the Internet.

Today I received in the mail a Christmas Card from my cousin Janice, who lives in California. She wrote a note inside, part of which read:

I refer to Wikipedia to build some of my lessons for my 22 4th graders. It is very helpful. A few months ago I read about themen who helped set up our US government. Even thought they weren't given the title of President, their contributions are noteworthy. Good luck with your contributions to Wikipedia, Geoff!

Even though I contributed little if anything to those articles, I found her handwritten words more meaningful than those printed in Time. Some kinds of feedback are better in a interactive environment than others.


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