Wednesday, November 15, 2006


A philosophical meditation

I wrote the following paragraph as part of an application I turned in yesterday. I'm sharing it here because I felt it should be read before vanishing into a file somewhere, never to be by more than a few sets of eyes.

One hobby I have continued from my earlier years is writing, but now I do for Wikipedia, a free encyclopedia available on the Internet. While writing for it, I admit that I am writing for myself, I am also consciously writing for a specific kind of child out there who I imagine is a precocious reader of books as I was, but they are also share the frustration over a lack of access to the important, grown-up books that I had at their age -- or perhaps they do not have access even to many of the books I had at their age for various reasons. Schools, well-meaning adults, and even parents sometimes fail to reach and help precocious children, so resources like public libraries and Wikipedia must be present and strong enough to help them help themselves.


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