Tuesday, November 07, 2006


Germany resurgent -- but it's a good thing

Germans have always had a reputation for technological innovation. My grandfather's brother -- the first person AFAIK in the family to have attended, let alone completed college -- attended the University of Stuttgart, received a degree in engineering (as well as a scar to show he belonged to one of the University's fencing clubs), & went on to help design & build the Panama Canal. (My grandfather also worked on the Panama Canal -- but as a foreman, overseeing a gang of African-Americans who did all of the work.)

Then there was that famous political mistake -- considerably more serious than the recent political mistake of the U.S. -- and Germany fell behind the US in that sector.

I'm glad to see that the German version of Wikipedia is contributing to a rebirth of that tradition of technological innovation. Elian's report details some of their recent activities.

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